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The power of the mind is one of the greatest secrets of the world. Science and quantum physics are constantly seeking knowledge of the outside world, but what most of them fail to see is that the greatest power can be found within. The subconscious mind is responsible for all of our deepest emotions, motivations, and expectations. More than likely you yourself do not fully realize the power of your mind.

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However, numerous experiences and studies have proved we all possess secret mind power that has yet to be fully understood. For example, a study conducted by Harvard Professor Ellen Langer showed that what we get is what we expect. The study included two groups of housemaids. One group had been told that their job increased their health and was a legitimate form of exercise. The other group was told nothing. In the weeks following, the group who had been told their job was healthy lost weight and lowered their blood pressure significantly. The other group experienced no change. This is just one simple, yet powerful example of how what we think and believe effects our health and life.

The key to harnessing the power of your mind is to first understand it. Of course, as with most other physical aspects of reality, the subconscious mind does adhere to some rules and regulations. The mind has what is known as the ego defense mechanism. This mechanism works to protect you from emotional shocks and scars. It also can cause you harm if you don’t know how to control it. Those of us who have suffered from tough relationship breakups have experienced the ego defense mechanism.

The subconscious mind stores much of our memories, and it wants to hold on to the ones that made us feel good. So when we end a relationship with someone whom we hold good memories of, our minds go into overdrive compensating for the loss. But once we understand that our emotions are simply just messages we send to ourselves, we can start to learn to control what messages we send.
In addition to controlling emotions, we all hold secret mind power that can change our lives if we learn to harness it. That power can be described as mind control. We aren’t referring to espionage or hypnosis, but rather the power to filter and control what goes into and comes out of our minds. Truly, mind control is more about the power of the will to change and shape the way we think and live our lives.

If we want to be happy we must learn to filter out negative thoughts and energy, and discover a more positive way to control our thoughts. This can be accomplished if only we set our minds to doing so. It is our duty to continue to be curious and push through the stereotypes that say there is no use changing our thoughts, and learn to harness the secret mind power we all possess.

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