Understanding Psychic Ability

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The idea of a sixth sense is both intriguing and exciting for most of us, and while science has discovered much about our minds there is still so much we do not understand about our own mind power. Many people believe they have what is known as psychic abilities. But just what are psychic powers and how can we better understand them?


Psychic abilities can be put into two categories, voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary abilities can be dreams or visions that come to an individual without them seeking it out. Or perhaps they have a feeling that leads them to believe something has happened in certain area. Voluntary abilities are consciously used to retrieve information or to understand an event. In general, it depends on how tuned in you are to these powers as to whether they are voluntary or involuntary.

Psychic power is not limited to simple visions. It can be everything from intuition to feeling as though you are in danger and later are proved correct. This ability virtually exists in all human beings. For example, if you have ever walked down the street and felt as though someone were standing right behind you only turn around and discover you were exactly right, you have experienced psychic powers. So in reality psychic ability and power is something that truly exists in all of us.

As human beings we are all connected to each other. Science has proven that our minds can detect information from thousands of miles away. You can think of the mind as you do a wireless computer that receives information from the Internet. Although it is seemingly unconnected to the information it contains in reality it is 100% connected to a stream of information that is invisible to the naked eye. If you can understand how a computer works you can also grasp the concept of psychic powers.

In addition to perception of information, our general perception of time is also incorrect. The idea that time is liner cannot be proven as completely accurate. For example, if you have ever taking a nap or gone to sleep and had a dream and woken up feeling like the dream lasted for hours only to realize it had only been a few minutes you experienced a true sense of time. This theory explains how psychics look into the future and the past to perceive what will happen and what has happened.

If modern man took an honest look at their own mind power the world could look completely different. There are many things we do know and many things we don’t, but we should keep on investigating our psychic ability to get to the truth.

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