How to Use Positive Affirmations

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Over the years people have told me, stay positive and quit being so negative. I immediately thought to myself, yeah sure that will make everything better. But what I failed to realize was how powerful positivity can be in making decisions and living my life. In fact, positive affirmations are a tool of mind power that can be harvested by anyone, if you know how to use them.


Many think of positive affirmations as simple mantras that are said over and over to one’s self until the person feels better, but there is more to it than this. Both positive and negative affirmations exist in our minds whether we are aware of them or not. These affirmations program our subconscious and conscious mind to believe certain things. When we say, ‘I hate my job’ we will come to believe it and it will affect the way we work and our attitude. On the other hand, if we say ‘I love exercising it makes me feel so good’ we program our minds to believe exercising is an enjoyable experience. Thus changing how we feel. If we want to change negativity to positivity we must change our affirmations.

It can be difficult to make a complete 180 and change the way we speak internally. But if you really want to become happier and more positive this is what must be done. The first step in creating positive affirmations is to determine what it is you would like to improve or change in your life. For example, are you always broke? Do you want to be healthier? Would you like to be more confident? Then focus on positive affirmations that can materialize what you want out of life. Write down positive statements like, Money is readily available for all of my needs, I am happy and healthy, I am confident and I draw people to me.

Once you have created your own personal affirmations repeat them to yourself. You can do this in several different ways. Write your affirmation down and put in places you will see throughout the day like your refrigerator door, the mirror in your bathroom, or on your desk. Or you can simply remember the affirmation and repeat it silently or out loud while you perform daily tasks such as washing the dishes, fueling the car, or walking the dog.

After your positive affirmation reaches your subconscious you will undoubtedly start to see the results you desire in your life. The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you are emitting, and when you are thinking positively you will receive positivity back. So do not give up on your positive affirmations and continue to focus your energy on changing your life for the better.

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