How To Raise Your Vibration

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Science is developing more and more evidence that proves that matter exists on a vibrational plane. They are also discovering how thoughts send out energy along with the secret to controlling that power. Western science has refused to accept what Eastern religions and philosophers have known for thousands of years, that we all have a secret vibration that can be harnessed. But if we want to start on this path we need to learn how to raise ourbrain-power1 vibration  level.

1. Set the intention. Use the law of attraction to attract positivity and a higher frequency in your mind. We attract either positivity or negativity into our life when we think, and if we want to raise the frequency of our mind we have to get past negativity. Focusing on what is wrong or how awful this or that is in our lives only hinders our secret mind power, and the ability to raise our vibration.

2. Look for the effects of positivity in your life. A big part in raising your vibration is recognizing the power it can have over your life. Once you see for yourself that you can control your mind you raise your vibration. Instead of looking for the bad to happen in your life you start to look for the good. Your eyes become opened to your own ability to control mind frequencies.

3. Be forgiving. If you are trying to advance your life for the better and wish to rise to higher vibration you must let go of what exists in this frequency. Do not hold on to the anger of your past because it simply keeps you angry and your vibration low. Holding the past in keeps you held back mentally and spiritually, let it go and elevate yourself.

4. Use meditation. Meditation allows you to access a higher frequency that just isn’t possible through your conscious mind. It helps you focus on the present and future allowing you to clear your conscious mind of worries that keep you on a basic vibrational level. Make it a point to regularly meditate and you will be able to connect to a higher frequency.

5. Practice positive thinking and remain calm. Calmness and positivity bring peace to the mind, and peace is active on a higher level of frequency that cannot be reached if you are negative. Along with deep breathing and the aforementioned meditation, exercising your mind through positive thinking also raises your vibration. Mantras such as, ‘I am prosperous’, and ‘I am unafraid of change’ will eventually seep into the subconscious allowing you to raise your frequency.

The secret to the power of the mind is realizing it exists in the first place. You cannot move forward if you do not know you can, so take the time to change the frequency you live on by changing the way you think and live. You will be happy you did.

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