Connect to Your Spirit Guide

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In the hustle and bustle of modern life most of us have forgotten how to get in touch with our spirit guides, and perhaps forgotten what our spirit guides are. However, most will admit to a feeling of intuition or even a gut instinct that lets them know something just isn’t right.
But what these individuals might not realize is that that feeling is coming from a source that is not their own energy, it is that of their spirit guide.

When we go to a psychic we are imploring help from an individual who is simply attuned to the spirit world. They are able to connect with spirit beings in a way that does not come easy to the rest of us. They are either born with the skill or simply have focused to make it possible over the long-term.

But it is possible for every individual to connect with this energy we just have to know how. There are a few things we can practice in our daily life to make the connection with our spirit guide.

1. Believe that you can connect with the spirit guide and set the intention to do so. In other words, belief and thought are the first step in connecting with these external energies. You cannot expect them to simply pop up when you need them. Concentrate and believe they exist first so you can bring your mind to the place they are.

2. Clear your mind. This is most easily done through meditation. Meditation allows you to empty all the negative energy you have stored throughout your body. You can relax and take in information from the spirit world if your mind is free. If it stays locked in the overactive state it generally is in then you will be unreachable by the spirit world.

3. Elevate your consciousness. This includes mediation on positive emotions. Positive emotions are love, peace, and gratitude. All other emotions stem from the negative and will put a stop to your connection with the loving spirit world. Once you bring your frequency up to par with the spirit world you can then contact your spirit guide.
You will be open to the advice it will give you and you will be better able to find intuition throughout your life journey.
Once you have set the stage for a connection with your spirit guide you will easily enter that state over and over as often as you like so you can be properly guided throughout your life.

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