What is Kundalini

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Kundalini is an energy that lies dormant and coiled at the base of every human being’s spine. It is often called shakti and is the life force that makes us self-aware. The greater amounts of kundalini flowing through the body and mind the happier life is. When this organic energy is released it makes its way up the Chakras going all the way up the spine to the head. Once it reaches the brain enlightenment is attained.

Untitled-2Many people use yoga and deep meditation to release their own kundalini energy, but this can be a dangerous experiment if done improperly. Human beings have immense amounts of energy locked in our bodies and on rare occasions that energy can be tapped into without meditations. For example, many people face life or death situations and are able to save themselves or loved ones from harm because their true kundalini power is released.

As the evolution of mankind moves forward more individuals are experiencing a kundalini awakening. But what exactly does this awakening mean and what happens during it? In reality, only those who have practiced with an enlightened teacher can purposely and healthily awaken their kudalini power.

However, there are some who experience the awakening of their inner power spontaneously. This can be a dangerous experience resulting in powerful visions and epiphanies that can be overwhelming. The general experience of awakening is actually a positive and uplifting experience that can be harnessed to create positivity and clarity in an individual’s life. It touches and changes every aspect of life and reveals the true purpose of it.

In order to awaken this deep seated energy there are a few things you can do, but it is important to remember that the power you seek is unstoppable once it is tapped into. The best way to go about developing your kudalini power is through guided meditation and kudalini yogic practices.

To do so properly you need to have guidance, otherwise you may unintentionally release your full energy without fully understanding it. Kudalini energy is the deepest secret that mankind has, and once it is reached carefully and properly it brings enlightenment that cannot be described.

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