How To Be Happy

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In today’s stressful busy modern world people constantly struggle to survive in a positive mental state. A direct result of this need is the wide spread market of self-help books, anti-depressants, and videos claiming the secret to happiness lies within. But how can you truly be happy? Are there certain steps you can take to become a happier individual? Before you learn how to be happy yourself you must define what it is. True happiness cannot exist on a constant basis. Every life has its ups and downs. But there are a few defining characteristics that people who are happy have in common.


There is a reason the angry and impatient person waiting for coffee every morning is unhappy. They are thankless and have little regard for other individuals. When you are gracious and show love to every person you meet you will notice a change within yourself. Gratitude helps us see the good in the world around us and encourages us to seek it out. If you are gracious to people in your world you will become happier.
Exercise. Exercise helps your physical body fall in line with your goal to be happy. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which makes you naturally feel better. Of course, the key here is to exercise on a regular basis. Once you start to see the improvements in your body you will become happier with yourself and your confidence will sky rocket.

Positive Relationships.

If you want to be happy you have to be positive, and if you want to be positive you need to surround yourself with positive people. We are a reflection of our friends. It is important to try and make uplifting friendships as they bring us the most happiness. If your current friendships do not build you up look for ways to bring positivity into the relationship. If that is impossible look to create new friendships that bring positivity into your circle.
Glass half full thinking

No matter where you work, how much money you make, or your where you live your happiness is completely dependent on your outlook on life. If you are thankful for the friendships you have, the fact that you have food on the table, and that your bills are paid you will be just as happy as someone who makes millions of dollars every year. This is scientifically proven. So if you want to be happy start looking on the positive side of everyday life.

Be Forgiving

Our happiness as social human beings largely depends on our relationships. One of the best things you can do to enhance your happiness and increase your friendships is to forgive others. If you can develop the quality of forgiveness you will be much happier in your life.

To recap:
Happiness begins and ends with our own minds and thinking. If you want to improve your happiness levels consider doing the following.
Show more gratitude
Exercise regularly
Develop positive relationships
Look on the bright side
Show forgiveness

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