How To Develop Self Confidence

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Do you beat yourself up over small mistakes you make? Do you constantly feel like you aren’t good enough for privileges you clearly deserve? If you answered yes then you may need to develop a greater level of self confidence. In order to help you out in this department we have listed 5 simple steps to take you closer to loving yourself in a proper way.

1. Recognize your assets.

Everyone has something they are good at, or something they excel in. It could be as simple a thing as being a good cook or some special skill that makes you as an individual unique. List your skills and talents on paper. Writing them out helps build confidence mentally and emotionally. After you write them down use them as part of a daily positive mantra that goes as follows: “I am happy, healthy, and I am good at___”. Repeating this daily will build confidence in your subconscious.

2. Build resilience.

Being resilient is a quality that confident people share in common. Resilience means flexibility with the changes of life. Instead of becoming heart broken when life presents a challenge or set back, resilient people choose to see the positive and work to come to a solution to their problem. The resilient attitude also helps them see the good in themselves. Positivity is the core emotion to focus on.

3. Be optimistic.

Look for the good in yourself and others. When life deals you a bad hand go back for more cards. Don’t assume that only bad things can happen to you and instead reach for the good in life. When you are optimistic it is difficult to have low self-esteem, you will naturally look for the positive in yourself.

4. Exercise regularly.

If you don’t like the way you look or how you feel physically you can help build confidence in yourself by exercising on a regular basis. Choose to put exercise at the forefront of your daily routine. Not only will you feel better physically you will also receive a nice confidence boaster mentally and emotionally.

5. Be generous.

Generosity and graciousness contribute more than you would think to self-confidence. When you know you have helped someone in need and less fortunate than you it makes you feel good about yourself. You come to the realization that you do have a purpose on this planet and may feel like you are finally living that purpose.
Self-esteem can truly make or break your success in your personal relationships and your professional career. Once you realize you have the power to be positive and to build confidence you can start making the changes to build your confidence the right way.

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