What Is The Aura

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The Aura of the human body is our spirit and the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. It coincides with the layers of the chakras and is manipulated by thoughts, feelings, and the environment. To further understand how the aura works and the impact it has on our physical lives, let’s take a look at each individual layer of the aura and their specific properties. aurapic

The Etheric Layer

This layer represents our physical bodies and our reactions to the physical world. When we are sick physically the light from this level of the aura is dimmed and can be difficult to sense. But in a healthy, normal individual the Etheric layer resides close to the body and is the root of all chakras that come after it.
Emotional and feeling layer

On top of our physical electromagnetic layer resides the emotional layer. It projects light based off our emotions. Within this layer and chakra we hold all of our emotional desires, thoughts, and ideas. If we want this chakra layer of our aura to remain clean and clear we have to practice good Karma and keep our thoughts focused on love and other positive emotions.

Mental power layer

Although emotions come from our minds this third layer of the aura controls both the emotions we have and our goals in life. Our mental abilities result from our thoughts. These thoughts exude light based off our intentions. The aura and color of our mental layer is generally yellow, but it fluctuates based off our thoughts.

Astral layer

The astral layer of the aura acts as armor for the inner layers of the aura. It is an exact replication of the physical body and extends outward around every part of the body encompassing it. If the aura is strong it will be able to resist the impact of negative energy from the outside world. If it is weak, it will absorb negative energy and weaken further. To strengthen the astral layer you have to be in touch with your energy and focus on the positive aspects of life.

The aura is our life force, it is what we are and if we understand how it works and the parts that make it up we will become more powerful than we can imagine.

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