How to Change Limiting Money Beliefs

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Money is evil. I am horrible with money. I don’t deserve to be rich. I don’t want to waste my life trying to get rich.
If you have had any of the above thoughts you are not alone.

Most people living in the modern world feel the same way, and with an increasing unemployment rate those beliefs are only being reinforced. But what if you could change your belief in money? If you are ready to change your relationship with the inanimate object then consider the following advice.

Replace your negative thoughts with positive affirmations. When you find yourself saying things like “I’m just not good with money and that’s the reason the bills aren’t getting paid” replace it with “ I continue to learn about money and I handle it better every day.” Positive affirmations are important in changing your belief system because they communicate to your subconscious that you want money to be a part of your life. This attitude is important for laying the basis of change in your belief system.

Remember the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction states that you will draw into your life what it is you think and desire. If you spend your time bemoaning money and how it has ruined your life than you will not attract it. In contrast, if you think positively about money and view it as a tool to help others with then you will start to see an influx of it in your life.

Uncover where your beliefs come from. Perhaps you were told as a young child that money was evil, or that your family has always been poor and that it is not to be expected. However, if you start to recognize where those thoughts are coming from you can start to clear them. It is important to write down the thoughts you have so you can consciously understand how they are affecting your life.

Track your spending. Physically viewing what you spend your money on shows you what your belief in money is getting you. Once you realize where your money is going you can start to set goals. These goals in turn will help you analyze your beliefs and change them into positive viewpoints, which is well worth the effort.

Even though our world is corrupt in the financial sector as individuals we can change the core beliefs we have about money and as we do so we can use it for righteous purposes. Once we learn that money is not evil we will start to use it in the best way possible and attract more of it into our lives.

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