Understanding Remote Viewing

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akashic-records-accessing-explained-gaiaUnderstanding Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is considered a branch of psychic ability in which people can train their mental process to hone in on subjects in a separate physical location.

The U.S. government adopted remote viewing as part of their spying experiments after learning the Soviets used it to accurately obtain information regarding the U.S. military.

But remote viewing is unlike other psychic abilities, it does not require a hypnosis state or deep meditation to reach. For those that are blessed with this psychic ability it comes naturally to them. A normal conscious state is all that is necessary to obtain remote viewing information.

According to many experts, remote viewing is simply a form of communication between the conscious and subconscious. Many experiments with remote viewing involve a closed structure within the ground that cuts off any radioactive waves that may hint at the object that may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

The viewer is asked to describe what they see and many times the answer is dead on to what they had hoped they would see. Other experiments are not as serious but nonetheless just as awe-inspiring. For example, many viewers have been asked to focus on an envelope with a picture or image on it and then required to draw the image they see. After they complete the drawing the image is revealed to be the same if not similar to what was in the envelope.
Accounts like these make even the most skeptical person question the truth and accuracy in remote viewing. But the truth is that looking beyond our five senses is something that scientists have been doing for hundreds of years.

The art of biology, physics, and science all require studying information that is not readily available with our five senses. It goes beyond that, much the same as remote viewing does. Instead of only focusing on the information that comes directly from our sight, hearing, sense of smell, taste and touch remote viewers focus on their mental ability.

Of course, it is true that not everyone is a remote viewer, but this may be attributed to little more than their lack of training. Through various techniques individuals have taught themselves how to look at an object that is far away without having any idea of the whereabouts of the individual or object. Truly there is much more that can be gleaned from the study of paranormal skills and perhaps one day the world will realize their individual potential to be more than they are.

If you can relax your conscious mind and connect with your subconscious you will begin to pick up on cues from objects far away.

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