What is the Higher Self

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Religions across time have always proclaimed to be the stepping stone between God and mortal humans. But what if the divine is actually found within instead of without? The idea of the ‘higher self’ originated in Eastern Philosophy and in simple terms refers to who each and every one of us is at deep spiritual level. It is more than just our personality traits and desires, it is our soul. It is the fabric of the universe and its sole traits are Love, Peace, Wisdom and Power.

The next question one might ask is what is the higher self’s role here on Earth? The Higher self is not something that exists on a separate plane of reality. It spans all time and all space because it is time and space. We are all connected to the higher self but we may have a difficult time connecting with it because we are completely focused on the reality around us. However, once we focus our intention towards our higher self we then can begin to connect with our soul and create the life we know we should live.

The Higher self possess the knowledge regarding what life’s purpose is and how we can live it in a better way. It is connected with the divine at all times and feeds us the life force we need to continue our development on this planet. But it is not a force that is unattainable. We are our higher self and it is us.

The higher self can play a bigger role in our lives if we connect with it and ask for it to help us. Many spiritual men and women have walked the planet and reached full understanding of their higher self.

These people have been called saints and prophets, but in reality they have no special talent that the rest of us do not. We too can connect with our higher

self if we would just turn inwards and develop the qualities of the higher self such as, love and peace. The higher self is simply our connection with the divine and eternal power that we will always possess no matter what happens to our physical bodies.

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