What are Binaural Beat’s

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Known as an audio drug to some and a nonsensical way to distress to others, Binaural Beat’s are fast becoming a hot topic all over the Internet. But what really are Binaural Beat’s and can you use them to de-stress and even overcome some of life’s most difficult problems?

Binaural Beat’s were first introduced to the world by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. He discovered that by playing two separate tones and frequencies in different ears an auditory illusion will occur leading the brain to become confused and in order to make sense of it creates a third frequency of its own. This illusion is called Binaural Beat’s. The beat’s can range in tones that are based off the frequency that they play at. This information became extremely popular towards the latter part of the 20th century and is now becoming a regular part of many individual’s lives. But what can they really do for you? Is there any scientific evidence they work?

Obviously, there isn’t any doubt that the brain does produce its own third beat but the question is what, if any, benefit does this produce for the listener? For those that are not experienced at practicing meditation there is tremendous benefit from listening to Binaural Beats. This is because the brain is put into an alpha state by the two separate frequencies.

It is like automatic meditation without struggling to keep the mind focused on the present. In modern busy life Binaural Beat’s make it much easier to relax and refocus the mind, and also help relax individuals suffering from anxiety and stress. You can also benefit by positive brain wave stimulation if you have a general negative viewpoint of your life. Nero feedback research has proven that specific brain wave patterns are linked to certain negative emotional states which can negatively impact your life if left untreated.

However, a routine of positive frequency waves can change the way your brain processes the world around you making for a more positive outlook.

The evidence regarding Binaural Beats reveals that certain frequency levels can produce positive results in the brain if they are played overtime. Although, they may have little to no direct impact on your physical health they can certainly help improve your mental state.

Just beware of people claiming that certain beats will change your whole life because that is simply not supported by scientific evidence. But remember that our brains are subject to frequencies as are the rest of our bodies, and different tones will create a different beat in our brain but whether or not that tone is ‘magical’ is up for debate.

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