The Super Conscious Mind

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What is the most powerful single thing in the universe? You might say something like nuclear or something created in a lab somewhere. You would be wrong! The most powerful thing in the universe is kept right between your ears. That’s right it is your brain.

The brain not only controls your bodily functions making sure that you breathe and that your heart does not stop pumping, but your brain allows you to create the reality that you want. This sounds crazy at first. It is however very true.

All you have to ask yourself if you are in a place that you want to be. The brain does the rest. How you use your brain is one hundred percent up to you. The reality you create is one hundred percent up to you.

The best part is that it works whether you believe it or not. So if you create a reality full of drama and problems that is what you will get. On the other hand f you create a problem free world you get that. It may sound too easy to be true but it is.

Think about a time in your life when things are going great. Maybe you are on vacation. The worries of your life are put on the back burner; you are just focused on relaxing. You have a great time. You may not do anything spectacular but you have fun.

The reason that happened was because you were focused on relaxing. Now take a time when everything is in chaos, and everything seems to be against you. That same brain that created all that relaxation is now creating all of this chaos. The reason is that the chaos is what you are focused on.

This may be a simple example but this is a simple concept. Whatever you are focused on is what you get. Imagine if you spent most of your life focused on a calm world. That is what you would get. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

The idea behind the super conscious mind is your focus. You have to clean all of the negative from your life. You must get rid of all of the things that you allow to stop your progress. These will mainly consist of fears. You must get rid of your fears.

Once you get rid of your fears there is a great big world out there that is waiting for you. Then you are ready to get out there and explore. There is no better feeling than when you get rid of your fears and finally take control of your life. This is the way you are supposed to live. So plug into your super conscious mind today and see what you have been missing.

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