Traits Of An Awakening Soul

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You know that great feeling that you know something and it turns out that you do? Well, that’s called intuition and someone whose soul is awakening has these kinds of feelings almost all the time. One may not have a clue of what is happening to him or her. They suddenly become sensitive to every little thing that happens around them and more often than not, their minds will trail away to some unknown planet or times thus they lose track of time.

Some more traits of an awakening soul are the change in diet. A person may turn into a vegetarian if they happen to sense the animal’s agony when being inhumanly slaughtered. More often than not, this person may get in trouble with the authority but not for the wrong reasons and is highly repulsed by a routine. An awakening soul gets this obsession to expose the truth. They detest injustices and will go to lengths just for the truth to be known.

An awakening soul sees a possibility from a far. Many times people will think that this person is mentally unstable but this is not the case as the things he or she sees come to be understood later. They also tend to be very creative, their imaginations are so amazingly active that if they happen to write a certain piece of a movie or play, people are awed. They also can sing and dance and are as well very good inventors.

An awakening soul will have traits of compassion and people will always sense the presence of this kind of person though unconsciously. This person will pick symptoms of your cold; like in the case of a man having morning sickness when his wife is pregnant. As this kind of person happens to absorb his or her emotion via the solar plexus; a place they will are said to ‘stomach’ their emotions, they may sometimes get issues of digestion. Re-grounding by walking barefoot can help in re-establishing their emotional center.

More of the traits is the way these awakening souls try to block their emotions. Some of them are so unsuccessful that they turn into drugs, so desperate, for ‘protection’. That is; they try not to feel the pains experienced by others. They have this kind of healing energy in them and will often establish themselves in this field and will prefer to heal the natural but in a untraditional way. Instances; foods, holistic medicine as well as herbs is their only way to curing each and every ailment.

These are therefore the traits of an awakening soul. Well aware of nature and other unseen things of this life is the feeling one is bound to get. If you have these kind of traits, then you know what’s happening to you, explore them as you are different and well gifted.

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