Astral Projection

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Astral Projection is the same experience people often report having during a near death encounter. They report seeing their body laying down on the ground and being ‘out of their body’.

They describe it as a peaceful warm experience with no fear. Aside from out of body experiences human beings can reach the point of astral projection on their own with some training and practice.

Much like meditation, it requires a calm mind free of fear. There are techniques that an individual can learn to make the process easier.

If you want to learn how to astral project there a few steps you should apply to your technique.

These include:

Isolate yourself from other people
Go into a dark cool rule (much as you would with meditation)
Be conscious of your body and focus on the details like your fingers and toes
Feel the vibrations

Various Astral Projection Techniques Stare at the darkness. Everyone who has ever been in a dark room as a child playing hide and go seek has seen the strange patterns that light up the darkness, but what many adults may not realize is that these patterns can actually be hypnotic and take a person straight into astral projection.

If you pay attention to the darkness and the patterns that quickly form into familiar symbols and shapes you will begin to connect with your astral body.

Concentrate on an object. This technique works best in the early morning hours when you are barely awake. Take advantage of your sleepy brain and visualize an object you are familiar with in the physical realm.

Picture it in your hand something like a baseball or a hairbrush. Once you concentrate enough and for a long enough time you will begin to feel as though your mental hand is more real than you physical hand and so you enter astral projection.
Astral projection is all about focus, concentration, and imagination. These three ingredients create the environment necessary to reach this plane of existence, and over time it can become easy to reach this place and relax your mind. You will be in touch with your astral body on a regular basis that may well change your life drastically. Remember to keep fear at bay and enjoy the ride that astral projection takes you on.

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