What are Chakras

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Chakras are the central energy points within the body. There are seven of them that represent different structures and activities throughout the body. It is ideal to keep the chakras balanced for a happy content life. Chakras can help us work with our instincts and emotions to be physically and mentally balanced.
While there are many techniques that can be implemented to balance the chakras one must first know what the chakras are and how they work.
1. Root Chakra. This is the grounded chakra. It is the basis for all balance and spirituality. Its location is at the bottom of the spine. Emotional issues stemming from an imbalance in this chakra include anxiety, money and financial fears, and food.

2. Sacral Chakra. The Sacral is focused on sexuality and feelings. If you are imbalanced with your sexual emotions you may find it difficult to open up to your partners and in any relationship. You may also be overly emotional if you are overactive in this energy center. A balanced Sacral Chakra will leave you with positive emotional feelings and relationships.

3. Navel Chakra. The balanced Navel Chakra helps you stay grounded in a group setting and give you self confidence. When your chakra is overactive it you will possible come off as overbearing and domineering.

4. Heart Chakra. The heart Chakra is responsible for love and kindness in every human being. When it is open and balanced it will allow you to be loving, kind, and compassionate regardless of the situation. However, you find it difficult to relate in a loving way to other people you are likely experiencing an underactive heart chakra.

5. Throat Chakra. Throat chakras are the center of vocal communication and self expression. When one has no problems expressing their emotions and feelings in a positive way their throat chakra is open. When the opposite is true and self expression is difficult it stands to reason the chakra is under active.

6. The third eye chakra. Visualization and insight are directly connected to the third eye chakra. If you have a hard time seeing the bigger picture your third eye chakra may be under active.

7. Crown chakra. The crown chakra is located on the top of the head and is responsible for all emotional and spiritual connections. It is known as the seat of wisdom and can be argued to be the most important energy chakra in the body.

Chakras can be healed and balanced via meditation and healthy body practices. Their importance cannot be understated and they should be respected as the source for all energy within the body.

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