Understanding Emotions

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You’re stressed out, you’re anxious, you’re happy. All three of these expressions reflect your attitude toward the situation you are in, and are in fact emotions. Many people blame outward situations for their emotions. If it is a raining day outside an individual may be sad and gloomy and blame it on the weather, or if someone cuts them off in traffic they blame the individual for their anger.
But the question that develops from this line of reasoning is, are we responsible for our emotions, and what factors contribute to the way we feel?

Where do emotions come from?

Over the course of psychological study scientists and doctors have developed several theories regarding emotions. The first was created by James-Lang Foray. He theorized that all emotions are caused from outward experiences. When we see a car is coming straight for us we experience fear, and we react accordingly. The problem with his theory was that it lacked common sense. For example when we wake up in the morning and feel well for no external reason we still feel emotion even though nothing provoked it. But as science has evolved so has the understanding of emotions. The brain is still very much a mystery to those who study it but they have discovered that emotions are a direct result of our thoughts. Certain parts of the brain regulate anger, fear, and jealousy such as the thalamus and the amygdala but they do not cause them.

The power of emotion is in your thoughts.

Science and individuals are beginning to realize that our brains are the machinery that allows our consciousness to exist and experience the physical world. While studying the brain and understanding how it functions is important, realizing that the power and control over the body lies in the thoughts is much more important. Emotions develop because we let them. Our reactions to negative events in our lives determine how we feel about them. We are not at the mercy of our emotions if we do not want to be. Our response to these situations can be controlled and peaceful if we are in the present and understand them.

Be Aware of your Emotions.

Once you are aware and awake to the emotions that hold power over you, you can take steps to control them. Of course, this does not mean burying emotions or refusing to let yourself feel anything, rather it means to harness them in the most beneficial manner possible. Our emotions make up who we are as individuals and they are an expression of the universe through consciousness. The best way to understand our emotions is by feeling them coarse through our bodies, while controlling them so they do not harm others. By being aware of what emotions are and their affect on other people you can use them to accomplish your goals.

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