Conscious Creation Process

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Does reality create consciousness or does consciousness create reality? Depending who you are you may have a different answer to that question. But the fact is that consciousness does create reality. Every building you see, every modern tool you use was first created in the conscious mind of your fellow human beings. Although you may feel separate from the minds that have developed reality the fact is you enjoy the same power to create and develop as they do.


There are however, 3 aspects to the conscious creation process you must understand before using the law in your own life.

1. The law of God. God is many things to many different people; while the name may differ the belief is fundamentally the same. It is the belief in a higher power and that that power influences and works through all life on this planet and throughout the universe. Once you can accept and understand that God is energy and that you are in reality God manifest here on Earth, you can use the law of God to create your own reality.

2. The Law of Attraction. This law is widely known and familiar to most people even in the Western World, but in short the Law of Attraction states that what you focus your energy on is what you will receive back in the universe. When you are constantly worried, anxious, and unhappy the universe will perpetuate that and continue to send that to you. In order to create consciously you must be aware that your intentions control your reality and what you are able to create.

3. Everything we see is energy. It is easy to be tricked by our senses into believing all that we see is exactly as it seems. However, the fact is everything we know, love, and enjoy is simply energy. When we create consciously we understand that energy is what we are using to create and is the result of our thoughts. Once you understand that the physical world relies completely on the spiritual you can manifest what you want through your own mind.

The Conscious creation process is not something new, and the greatest thinkers in the world have used it to create everything we have today whether they were consciously or unconsciously using it. The power to manifest what we want is not beyond our reach, and in reality we do it every day. We can harness this power and use it to create a better world if we focus our intention to do so.

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