Meditation for Anxiety

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Why should you practice Meditation for Anxiety?

Are you suffering from anxiety? Do you feel engulfed by negative thoughts all the time, worried about what the future holds in store for you, scared of reaching out, and looking for new opportunities, not willing to try new things? Do you feel negative about yourself and everything that you do?

You are not alone, because anxiety is one of the most common psychological disorders in the modern world. Even in the West, we may be surrounded by material prosperity, but that doesn’t make us less anxious, as we worry all the time about getting left behind, which only creates more anxiety and stress. How can we break loose from this cycle of anxiety and stress? Simple answer: Practice meditation for anxiety.

First, we need to understand more about Anxiety

You are said to have anxiety when you’ve negative thoughts in your mind, because of a bad experience and you start drawing conclusions about yourself from that experience. You become negative about yourself, curse yourself, and wallow in self-pity, feeling bad for yourself. This creates a cycle of negativity which drags you down. This is where meditation for anxiety is so helpful – it helps you get out of the cycle of negativity.

Meditation for Anxiety

How does meditation for anxiety help? It does two things to help you get past your anxiety. One, meditation introduces you to a part of yourself that does not suffer from anxiety and never ever was affected by it. It makes you realize that things are not as bad as you make them out to be.

Two, it teaches you to “let go”. Let things be. Don’t fight too much to control things that are beyond your control. If you can do something, do it. But don’t beat yourself up over things over events beyond your control. Meditation for anxiety teaches you that.

Meditation teaches you to focus, keeps away the constant stream of thoughts, and puts you in touch with your deepest self. Meditation for anxiety teaches you awareness, gives you the mental and psychological peace that you need and frees you from worrying too much about work or relationships. While it makes you more aware, it also teaches you not to get upset over small things that you cannot do anything about.

With meditation, anxiety ceases to exist, you discover the deepest and the most beautiful part of yourself and become more aware. You are unaffected by time or space when you meditate. Your awareness is free, open, and unlimited all the time. You learn to spend time with the deepest part of yourself, which slowly but surely infuses the rest of your life with a steady conviction that life is good beyond measure.

Meditation for anxiety shirks off all the negativity and makes you positive again, about yourself and the world, and you wake up every day, early in the morning, not with a dread of what is to follow, but with the curiosity, happiness and anticipation of a young child. Meditation helps you to conquer your anxiety.

Meditation shows you that there is a part of you that will always be free from all earthly experience, not get affected by the joys and sorrows of the world, never be defeated, never be beaten, never get swallowed up in defeat.

In other words, meditation puts you in touch with something intangible and beyond your imagination. You soul. When you understand that there is more to your existence than just the successes and failure faced by you at career or in relationships, that there is more to life than just money or sex, you will find your anxiety going away, and you achieve freedom, happiness and bliss.

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