How Does Meditation Work

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How does Meditation Work?

To truly understand Meditation, you should practice it is a class under the guidance of a meditation teacher. You may also download a free guided meditation and listen to a recording.

So how does meditation work?

For the perfect session of meditation, you should abide by the following rules.

Attend a guided meditation class first. Your guide will help you through the process. You will be asked to sit comfortably or to lie down. Your meditation guide will put you through a series of extremely relaxing visualization through his or her soothing words, as you close your eyes and listen to him or her. Your mind becomes clearer, your stress goes away and you feel relaxed within.

Now, as you are in this extremely relaxed state of mind, with all your stress eliminated, at least for the moment, and as you forget your worries, just for a short time, you will be led on an inner journey, with the intention of making your life stress free and more peaceful.

Guided meditation helps you experience deep relaxation, even as feel a great deal of weight being lifted from your shoulders. It awakens you to a whole new possibility and put you in touch with your soul.

Guided meditation improves your sense of self, completely transforms your life in highly positive ways, and makes you fully appreciate the Higher Awakening that lies deep inside every one of us. Most importantly, you realize the importance of living your life to the fullest and realize far reaching possibilities that you would have never thought of before. So this is how meditation works.

The best part is that it is completely effortless and hardly takes a few minutes of your time. You can have an excellent session of meditation for 5 minutes, just as you could have a superlative session for 60 minutes. The key is to feel the relaxation, deep within you and maximize the great benefits of meditation and feel the positivity and the energy.

How can you truly experience Meditation?

You can either go to a meditation class and be guided by a meditation teacher , or download a free guided meditation course. This course will have the soothing voice of the meditation guide as well as extremely peaceful and tranquil music that really relaxes you. The MP3’s and CD’s could also have sounds of nature.

It’s like being in a forest, surrounded by nature, listening to the peaceful sounds of birds cooing, trees swaying, water flowing. These sounds really help you visualize better, imagine a peaceful world different from the stressful existence you experience at work every day.

How does meditation work: The Basics

For meditation to work, you must be more self-aware, focus on one single thing. This could be your breath, a sound, a mantra, a chant, a word or a phrase. The most popular way to meditate is to chant silently in your mind, the sonorous word “OM”.

It is said to be one of the most powerful words ever invented. You could start with that, or if you feel uncomfortable with chanting “OM”, you could choose the word of your choice and make it the focus of your attention, as you meditate.

The key is to achieve an inner stillness that removes all the stress and relaxes you deeply. The best part of guided meditation is that it helps you to relax instantly and does not require any difficult instructions to be followed.

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