Different Types Of Meditation

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In this article, we discuss the different types of meditation that relaxes you, keeps your mind rested, gives you a sense of peace and calm and a perspective about your own place in the larger universe. The different types of meditation have a specific purpose in mind.

We could meditate for pain relief or for elimination of anxiety and depression from our life, for example, or for enlightenment. The different types of meditation techniques have been borrowed from the great religions of Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism and may be classified into five main types:

– Reflective Meditation
– Mindfulness Meditation
– Heart-Centred Meditation
– Creative Meditation

We discuss each of these different types of meditation briefly.

Concentration Meditation

Concentration meditation is arguably the most important meditation technique, and it is based on having great concentration. Concentration is important because to really realize the benefits of meditation, you must train yourself to focus on an object or nothingness, concentrate hard and cut off any distraction.

You must have a high sense of awareness in yourself as you do this type of meditation. The various meditation techniques that are helpful in Concentration meditation are: Zen meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Om meditation, Shine Meditation and the Samadhi Chakra Meditation.

Reflective Meditation

Reflective meditation focuses on disciplined thinking and is sometimes called analytical meditation. To succeed in reflective meditation, you should select a question, topic or theme and train your reflection on it, analyze what goes into your thoughts.

Your thoughts may get jumbled, as your mind wanders off to various issues, but you much come back to the topic that you are concentrating on. To master Reflective Meditation, you must first be very good at Concentration meditation.

More you practice reflective meditation, there are fewer chances of your mind wandering off. Reflective meditation is one of the most important meditation techniques and it gives your mind a sense of peace and calm even when you’re under tremendous stress or pressure at work.

What are the questions or topics you can focus on while doing Reflective Meditation? Well, some of the common questions analyzed during reflective meditation are:

– Who am I?
– What is the true purpose of my life?
– What is my role in this universe?
– How can I help remove the sufferings of others?

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation focuses on developing a highly receptive and mindful attention towards a certain action or a particular object that is under your control or influence. Basically, Mindfulness Meditation trains you to be mindful or to give your total attention to something.

Some of the meditation techniques that help with Mindfulness Meditation are, Deep breathing meditation, Body scan meditation, Visualization meditation, Mindful breathing, Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation.

Heart-Centered Meditation

Heart-Centered Meditation helps you to get rid of all fears and feelings of sadness and bring about a sense of compassion and kindness. Heart-Centred meditation is a Hindu meditation technique which is otherwise called heart chakra meditation.

This meditation technique is really quite useful if you are going through a family bereavement or a great personal loss that has caused you a great deal of sadness. Practicing Heart-Centred Meditation would help to heal your heart, give a sense of peace to your mind, and relieve you of the sadness and is hence considered to be one of the important types of meditation techniques.

Creative Meditation or Visualization

Creative meditation is a special type of meditation technique that helps you to very consciously develop and also strengthen the various qualities of your mind. This meditation technique works on improving your qualities and works with your most important feelings such as love, compassion, joy, gratitude, appreciation, fearlessness, humility, tenderness and empathy.

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