Calming Techniques

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With the great advances in technology, we live much easier lives than our parents used to, and much more so than our grandparents were accustomed to. But our life is “easier” in the sense that we don’t have to do as much physical work as earlier generations and enjoy far greater comforts.

In many other ways, out lives have got worse – stress, anger, anxiety, depression are common signs of modernity that were not so prominent in our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. That is why learning calming techniques is so very important.

All the calming techniques we talk about here are extremely easy to follow and don’t really require much effort from you. Just a little bit of your time, every now and then, and a commitment to see them through. We discuss calming techniques for anger and anxiety, as these are the most damaging by-products of the Modern Age.

Calming Techniques for Anger

Anger has been described as a disease. When you get angry, you end up saying things you would regret later, hurting other people and in the process, hurting yourself. Anger also has an extremely negative effect on your mental and physical health as well. We discuss some of the calming techniques that help to ease up your anger:

Breathing exercises: As soon as you feel angry about something, breath deeply and evenly. Breathing exercises are the best calming techniques for anger as they relax you and help you concentrate on something other than the feeling that is causing you the anger.

Just inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Positive Self-Affirmations: Try positive self affirmations and mental suggestions to calm yourself. Order yourself to get over your anger, think of more pleasant thoughts. This calming technique works splendidly.

Concentration: Concentrate on various body parts, neck, arms, forehead, work on getting them back to normal. Attack the tension in your body parts. Slowly release the tension.
Counting: Count numbers from 10 to 1, till you get over your anger.

Think pleasant thoughts: You should think about something completely different and turn you focus on something entirely different – another person or thing, or just move away.

Exercise: Do some warm up exercises, stretching exercises when you are angry.

Calming Techniques for Anxiety

Anxiety is a dreaded disease in today’s world, it causes a sense of dread that makes one fear the future and become a walking wreck. It can be debilitating and even crippiling. We discuss some fo the calming techniques for anxiety. Read on.

Exercising: Exercise is a, among the best calming techniques for anxiety as it releases endorphins, which helps you to relax faster and more easily. Exercise gets your body in good shape, gets you in a good mood and satisfied with the world.

Meditation: Meditation has always been known to be one of the greatest calming techniques ever invented. Nothing cures anxiety better than meditation. Meditation is all about focus on concentration. Anybody can meditate, it is the easiest thing to learn. You just need to commit yourself to it.

Look at the Big Picture: Is something you are worried about really worth it? Should you really be anxious about it? Surely there is more to life than that.

Other Calming Techniques for Anxiety : Balanced diet, reducing intake of beverages, bathing regularly, wathing a nice movie, owning a pet, taking long walks.
Limit the intake of beverages and strong stimulants.

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